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The Story:

Dirty Queer Magazine was conceived, created and the first issue launched in 2010 by editorial team Morgan Carpenter and Xavier Moustache. We are a Sydney based print magazine with an Australian perspective on local and international queer arts, community and culture. We feature established and emerging talent with diverse genders, sexes, ages, ethnicities and body types. The magazine is collectible, building a body of work around queer culture, arts and community. Over the last 5 years we have grown to be so much more than just the print magazine.

So far we have 6 issues and are currently looking at publishing Issue 7 mid year. Dirty Queer exists on our blood, sweat and tears as well as your support. Up to this point the magazine has been able to cover the costs of printing the next issue as well as basic administrative costs, we make no profit or income from the project.

Due to health, personal issues and paid and community work commitments, we were unable to complete an issue last year. We still, however, had all our administrative and overhead costs (website, online store hosting, insurance etc) which means for the first time we don’t have the resources to pay for our next print run.

That’s where you come in:

We need to fundraise a minimum of $3500 just to print the next issue. That will literally only pay the printer! On top of that we have so many ideas and there are many things that we would like to do to expand Dirty Queer, but are restricted by finances. Last year Xavier presented the magazine at the New York Art Book Fair and to an audience in San Francisco (totally self funded trip), which has really opened up our reach and the platform for Australian queer artists. On the back of that we really have an opportunity to grow the project in many ways and right now we are seeking support for

– Printing
– Production, writing, editing and launching issue 7
– Covering administrative costs
– Updating our website and producing high value online content

Why we are doing it this way:

We looked into some of the usual crowd funding platforms like GoFundMe and Pozible, but they take a cut of any funds raised and have policies regarding “sexually explicit material”. We also want a more sustainable long term plan for Dirty Queer. We already have an online store we pay for each month, we have magazines, we have tshirts and stickers!

How you can help:

The best way to support us is to BUY A COPY of the magazine, or buy a copy of every issue of the magazine! Throughout the month of February they are reduced to $5, that is HALF PRICE! We have never felt so cheap before. We do our best to keep postage to a minimum, but if you are in Sydney you can also come on down to Fair Day and pick up a copy at the Queer Indie Publishers Stall.

We have commissioned designs from artists Megan Oliver (Issue 3) and Sam Wallman (Issue 5) for a range of limited edition TSHIRTS and TOTE BAGS.

We also have a DONATE button on our website. Any amount you can afford to donate will greatly help us continue to bring you all things Dirty Queer.

SHARE this video, tell your friends about us and why you love Dirty Queer.

ADVERTISE your business in the upcoming issue, our ad specs are available here or contact us to find out about advertising on our website.

STOCK US in your store, or ask your favourite local bookstore to carry us.


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Updated 20 March 2015