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Dirty Queer Magazine is a curated photography, art and culture magazine, published in Australia for a queer audience.

From issue 4 we opened up the magazine to a broader range of contributors, and we will continue to do so.

We regularly receive content that we can’t consider because it’s not suitable for the magazine. Please review the guidelines below to give your work the best chance of inclusion.

Our Philosophy

Dirty Queer is designed for coffee table, or bedside cabinet, reading. We’re focused primarily on visual arts.

We usually come out just once or twice a year, so we’re not a news magazine.

We have a broad queer audience. We’re inclusive, including of trans, intersex and bisexual people. While we welcome content that’s designed for just gay men or lesbians, for example, content should always be respectful and considerate of others.

The magazine is hot, sexy and fun. We want to be excited by what we see or read. We’re interested in the queer human condition. We’re not didactic or preachy.

Pick up a copy of the magazine if you’re in any doubt regarding what we’re about.

What kinds of contributions?

Text with images:

Feature articles can be around 2,000 words, or sometimes more, plus photography or illustrations (or concepts for accompanying artwork).

Shorter articles are welcome, but should also be accompanied by relevant images.

Written content should be in English (we publish using Australian English).

Sorry, but no poetry.


Photo essays are very welcome. Illustrations and other original art are also welcome.

We welcome nudity, and we like a background story.

We’re a print magazine, so images for publication must be high resolution, suitable for printing at 300 DPI on A5 pages with 3mm bleed (maximum needed A4, minimum A6). We only need low resolution images to review submissions.

Images should be accompanied by full credits and consent for use. High resolution photographs of people, other than self portraits, should normally be accompanied by a model release form.

All photographic subjects must be aged over 18 years.

General guidelines

We can only accept original content.

Although we’re Australian, we welcome content from anywhere in the world.

Consider contacting us early, at the concept or idea stage.

Please provide full contact information with your submission.

We reserve the right to edit successful submissions to conform to our style guide or to fit available space.

These guidelines will be updated periodically. It is worth reviewing them again immediately prior to submission.

Next issue

The next issue, #7, is likely to be published in late 2015, with a submissions deadline in early 2015. Early submissions are welcome.

Submit via email – low res images only

We can be contacted at We prefer low res images via email (we prefer high resolution shots via Dropbox or similar methods).


    • Dirty Queer Mag

      Hi Felix!

      Issue 5 was published in late October, details in the menu at the top of the page. Issue 6 will be published in February, and submissions are invited.

      We don’t theme issues of the magazine.

    • Xavier

      Hi James,
      Thanks for your message. As an independent publisher, up to this point we have not had the resources to pay contributors.


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